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It’s getting to that time of year when it’s dark before and after work, all the shops in town are full of Christmas and all you want to do is go for a walk in the garden on a cold crisp morning. At the time of writing the same can’t be said for today – it’s cold, wet and miserable!

At least in this month there are plenty of plants full of berries to cheer the garden borders up; Sorbus, Callicarpa, Cotoneaster and Gaultheria. There are hollies in the hedgerows and plants such as Mahonias that have scented flowers and Skimmia’s with their bright red berries.

Skimmia’s are an evergreen shrub with white flowers in spring and bright red berries in autumn/winter. To get the berries like Holly plants, you need a male and female plant (we have both in stock). They range in height from 1m (3ft) to 1.5m (5ft).

To care for your plants and get the best out of them, stop the leaves from going yellow by planting in ericaceous compost. Skimmia’s can cope with partial shade and their berries can brighten up any corner. They look great in pots, with winter bedding as well as in a mixed border.

If you’d like to know more then please do pop in today and ask a member of staff.

We have a great offer on for this month (November) on mixed Skimmias:  £9.99 each, or 2 for just £18.00 while stocks last.

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