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The time has finally arrived to put out summer bedding. Positioning summer bedding containers and hanging baskets outside will inject instant colour to the garden. Make sure regular watering is done so they don’t dry out especially on hot days.

The best time to water is early morning to allow the plant to have a source of water during the mid-day sun. It’s also important to start a regular liquid feed, which can be done every two to four weeks.

Shading your greenhouse will help keep it cool and will prevent scorching on plants. Check plants in your greenhouse daily and water when the soil is dry. Also, damp down your greenhouse to increase humidity as this will help the plants but will also help to deter red spider mites.

This month it’s all about watering and feeding – try to use recycled water where you can. Using water gel crystals when planting up baskets and containers will reduce the need to water as much. It’s not just the plants either, lawns will also benefit from water and a high nitrogen liquid feed.

Regularly cut your lawns, but keeping your lawn slightly longer will help during hot weather as it won’t dry out as quickly.

Give borders a hoe and a general weed all around the garden. Stake tall and floppy perennials with canes and plant supports. Keep an eye out for pests this time of year – look on the underside of leaves for aphids and control by spraying with an insecticide to prevent them multiplying.

Watch out too for slug and snails – you can use loads of defence barriers to discourage them from your plants, like copper tape and defence gels.

That’s it for this month, so happy gardening until next month!

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Natalie Spencer
Plant Centre Manager

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