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These are trees that are grown in the ground at our nurseries around Leicester and...

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There is a vast variety of shrubs available to choose from. With a little care you...

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Trees from Coles Plant Centre: Trees come in an immense variety of size, shape, colour,...

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Plant Pots

Pots, compost, tools and more! Sundries and Horticultural goods from Coles Plant Centre: We have...

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Herbaceous Plants

Herbaceous are usually small, flowering plants that come in a wide selection of shapes and...

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Grow Your Own

Live the good life! Grow Your Own with Coles Plant Centre Since the down-turn over...

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Conifer Trees

Add height, colour and screening all year round! Conifers from Coles Plant Centre Many of...

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With over 200 varieties, there\'s guaranteed to be something for everyone!

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