Trees from Coles Plant Centre:

Trees come in an immense variety of size, shape, colour, aspect and more. They are supplied in three main forms: Container, Bare-root and Root ball. Details of which you can see below. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your tree requirements, we would be more than happy to offer any advice we can. If you prefer we could even show you a few of the species available for selection at the Plant Centre.  

Container Trees

These will be trees that are supplied in a pot or some form of container. There are many advantages to buying your trees in containers, such as;

  1. They can be purchased and planted all year round.
  2. They have the highest survival rate after planting.
  3. There is no need to plant them the day you purchase them as the roots are protected.
  4. They are readily available and on display in the Plant Centre all year round.

The only main drawback to buying a container is that they do tend to be more expensive than the other forms listed below.

Bare-root Trees

These are trees that are grown in the ground at our nurseries around Leicester and lifted upon order (during the lifting season). They will be supplied, as the name suggests, bare-rooted (no container around the roots). The main advantages of bare-root trees are;

  1. They are by far the cheapest method of purchasing your trees.
  2. They are the easiest method to transport and plant.
  3. They have a high survival rate after planting.
  4. They are readily available in a vast variety and quantity during the lifting season.

The main drawback of the bare-root method is that the plants are only available during the lifting season (November to March), as this is when they are dormant and can be successfully transplanted.

Root-balled Trees

Similar to the bare-root method in many ways, a root-balled tree is lifted with the soil remaining around the roots, forming the ‘root-ball’. This is then wrapped in hessian and non-galvanised wire. This root-ball can then be planted intact, with the hessian and wire left on, which will soon break down and rot away. The main advantages of a root-balled tree are;

  1. The root system is not disturbed during lifting, transport and planting.
  2. They are cheaper than container trees.
  3. The packaging is bio-degradable.

The main drawbacks of root-balls are that they are more expensive than bare-root trees and are still only available during the lifting season (November to March).

Please contact us with any questions you have about Trees.