There is a vast variety of shrubs available to choose from. With a little care you can get a fantastic range of colour, fragrance, shape and size from plants that are relatively easy to find, plant, maintain and care for. If you would like any help selecting a range of plants for your garden feel free to get in touch, or to even pay us a visit to have a look around and see what takes your fancy!

Evergreen shrubs

Mixed PhormiumsProviding you with colour all year round, evergreen shrubs are an essential element in any garden. Amongst this group you will find plants with a fantastic range of leaf colours, flowers and berries, that will grow in near enough any situation; from dry sandy soils to a shady water-logged spot.

Deciduous shrubs

Fuchsia RiccartoniiAn even broader group than evergreen shrubs, deciduous (lose their leaves in winter) plants include some of the most impressive blooms of the plant world. Comprising Magnolia, Hydrangea, Fuschia and Dogwoods, you won’t struggle to find a selection of plants that will add bursts of colour to your garden throughout the year.


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