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With spring being so late this year, who knows what will be growing this month. Hopefully that was the last of the snow and we can look into April with the chance of opening buds and warmer sunshine.

“The field and gardens lovely hours, Begin and end with thee; for what’s so sweet, as peeping flowers and bursting buds to see” (John Clare – The Shepherd’s Calendar: April)

If the ground dries out it will be time to do the first cut of the lawn, on the highest setting. We sell lawn sand, feed and moss killer for all those jobs that follow the first cut.

Start planting your seed potatoes in a long trench with organic matter in the bottom of the trench. Many other vegetable seeds can be started this month too. If you would like to start with plug plants we have a range at £2.99 each a pack or 4 packs for £10.00.

Sweet peas can also be started, we have a range of seeds in the shop or packs of seedling at £2.49. We also have sweet pea wigwams at £9.99

We have lots of shrubs, perennials and alpines on offer, check our Offers page for the very latest available. Plus we have plenty of composts available for mulching, potting up and improving the soil you already have in your garden.

If you would like to join our Garden Club, its free and easy to do, plus you will be entitled to fabulous offers such as DOUBLE DISCOUNT (that’s a whole 10% off) all Prunus during this month of April.

Further information about the benefits and joining can be found HERE. Pop down today to see what we have on offer!

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