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  • Cut back herbs to encourage a boost of new leaves that you can harvest before the winter.
  • Dead-head and cut back faded perennials to keep borders looking tidy and to prevent them from setting seed.
  • Trim lavender after they have flowered to keep them compact and dense.
  • Start to dead-head and gently prune climbing roses.
  • Keep clematis and rhododendrons well watered to ensure next year’s buds develop well.

Fruit and vegetables

When ready to harvest apples should come off easily when lifted and twisted, if they don’t come away without being pulled then leave them a bit longer.

Sweetcorn is generally ready to pick 20 days after the first silk appears. The silk will have also turned brown. Using a fingernail pierce a kernel to check the colour of the sap inside – if it is milky then the cobs are ready, if it isn’t milky leave them for a few more days.

Feed tomatoes to encourage good fruit growth, remove lower leaves to help air circulation and to prevent disease.

Lawn Care:

  • As the weather starts to cool down start to think about applying an autumn lawn feed that is rich with a high phosphate content. Phosphate encourages strong root and shoot development that will help strengthen the grass during cold winter months.
  • Never apply a high nitrogen feed during the autumn months, as nitrogen is used to encourage lush green growth and this could be severely damaged by frost.
  • Mow/strim wild flower meadows to help disperse seeds that will later grow on.
  • Begin to prepare an area and start to sow wild flower meadow seeds.

Natalie Spencer
Plant Centre Manager

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