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Keep an eye out for pests and diseases with the warm weather increasing, especially when planting new plants. Check particularly for vine weevils that hide amongst the root system.

When planting new plants, prepare the ground well. Once watered in, mulch well around the top of the soil to maintain moisture.

Keep the garden tidy by removing weeds whenever possible as they act as hosts for pests and diseases.

Start mowing lawns once a week, adjusting the settings lower as the weather improves. Also, start to feed established lawns, making sure you follow the instructions carefully to ensure you don’t damage your lawn by over-feeding. If you’re a Coles Garden Club member, our 95cm Gardman Lawn Edge Shears are just £9.99 while stocks last. Find out more Coles Garden Club.

Hoe well any bear ground to keep weeds down and to stop their germination – this will make it easier to keep on top of them.

Keep watering as the weather warms up, particularly containers and baskets. If plants dry out too much, soak their pots in water to ensure the water is soaked up and not just running off the compost.

Trim formal evergreen hedging. For best results use hand shears – this will take more time, but the end result will be better.

Keep an eye on climbers as the new shoots appear, tie them to trellis or fencing to guide them.

Dead-head spring flowering bulbs, leaving the foliage for a minimum of six weeks before cutting them back down.

Start planting out some vegetables, like leeks, but watch out for late frosts and ensure more tender vegetables are covered in fleece to protect them.

Lastly, to protect fruits such as strawberries from rotting as their fruits rest on the wet ground, use a mulch mat or straw.

Happy gardening!

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