Gardening Tips for November

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  • Start planning and buying seeds you would like to sow next year.
  • In dry weather continue to rake up fallen leaves. Use the leaves to make a leafmould which makes an excellence soil conditioner and mulch for borders.
  • Take care of your tools, clean metal tools by brushing off old soil, wash them thoroughly and dry. For carbon steel tools, to prevent rusting, use an oily rag to wipe over them. Any cutting equipment remove dirt and sap using some lubricant.
  • Clean out bird boxes, old nesting material can harbour parasites. Plus cleaning them out encourages bird to nest in them again next year.
  • Check bonfire piles for wildlife before lighting. Hedgehogs and toads are looking to hibernate and a bonfire pile looks a perfect place for them. So please check.
  • Plants in pots are more prone to root damage from the frost, so protect from hard frost by wrapping some bubble wrap or hessian sack around pots to insulate. Grouping pots together will also help.
  • Lift pots for drainage, use a pot feet or bricks to raise pots from the ground to improve drainage and stop water logging in pots over winter.
  • Keep ponds tidy from leaves, check cables to the pond pumps are in good condition use an electrician if you are unsure.
  • Check ties and stakes, these should be checked regular. Make sure ties aren’t rubbing or cutting into the tree and ensure the stake is supporting the tree safely.
  • Plant bare-root stock at this time of year. Most deciduous trees are available in bare-root and can be planted throughout the dormant season.
  • Tie in climbers to prevent them being blown around and damaged in bad weather.
  • Protect plants from frost in the colder weather using fleece fabric, make sure it is secure.
  • Cut down old plant growth as routine but in colder areas old growth will provide some protection for the plants during severe weather.
  • Cut down grasses and bamboo those that are not ornamental.
  • Keep checking stored bulbs, keep an eye out for them rotting and throw away straight away.
  • Plant up tulips this month, they are ideal for planting in pot that can be moved around the garden in spring to add colour in borders.
  • Pot up amaryllis – if you want them to flower for Christmas.
  • Lift Parsnips and keep harvesting Brussel sprouts.
  • Plant fruit trees and bushes now, work organic matter in the form of well-rotted manure around the base to help prevent weeds competing for the nutrients in the soil.

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