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September is a lovely time in the garden: the colours begin to change in the trees, the weather starts to get cooler and there are bountiful harvests to be had on the vegetable plots. I’m currently over-run with runner beans (pardon the pun)!

We have a large selection of bulbs now in stock, from the common Tête-à-tête narcissi to the more unusual such as Dichelostemma (I know, I’ve never heard of them either!). Pop in to be inspired for your Spring displays. We also have plenty of late Summer/ early Autumn colour in stock such as Japanese Anemones, evergreen shrubs and trees full of berries.

To get your garden tidy how about a rake to tidy all those leaves that will soon be falling.

If you have a lawn, check out our Autumn care range. We have the Autumn all-in-one, we have lawn sand, rakes to get rid of all the season’s thatch and moss & we have the lawn aerator rollers too.

Please pop in to have a look at our seasonal range of plants to get ideas for the garden, to give colour and interest all year round. If you have any questions, just ask!

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