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Anemone japonica (Japanese Anemone)

Not to be confused with the spring flowering corms that are brightly coloured, these are more subtle shades of pinks and whites. They are a fantastic late summer and early autumn flowering herbaceous perennial that will fill any border when many other flowers are ‘going over’.

It may be related to the common buttercup, but it’s far more graceful and will do just as well in partial shade as in full sun. We find they are best planted with Asters, grasses, Verbena bonariensis, Crocosmias, Heucheras and Astrantias plus many more besides.

Best planted in a moist but well drained soil, be sure to mulch well in late October to cover the clump crown with John Innes no.3.

The plant spreads well, which means after a few years you can divide it (best done in mid-October) easily by digging up the entire clump, pushing a spade through the middle of the clump and replanting both halves wherever you want them. The bigger the clump the more new plants you can make – just make sure you have some top growth and root, per new clump.

There are many varieties to choose from, including the dwarf Fantasy collection: Pocohontas, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. There are other varieties too, including September Charm, Queen Charlotte and Whirlwind.

Our personal favourite is the variety ‘Honorine Jobert’- white delicate flowers that tower over the lush green foliage.



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