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During the winter months it can be hard to bring colour into your garden so we have chosen Nandinas to be our plant of the month.

Nandinas, also known as ‘Heavenly Bamboo’ or ‘Chinese Sacred Bamboo’ are compact evergreen shrubs with attractive winter foliage of green, orange, white and red shades. Flowering in the summer many varieties produce small red berries through the autumnal months. Nandinas vary in size with a maximum of 1.5m in height (such as varieties ‘Twilight’ and ‘Gulf Stream’) and minimum of 0.5m (such as ‘Obsessed’). With a growth rate of between 30 – 60 cm per year and depending on ideal weather conditions these shrubs will reach their maximum height in 10/20 years.

Planting in the correct position in your garden is an important role in your Nandina’s survival. These shrubs prefer a full sun but sheltered spot in your garden in an ideal position of either South, East or West facing. Any soil type is preferred as long as it is moist but well drained. Water clogged soil can lead to root rot and other harmful plant diseases. In the hotter seasons, when there is absence of sufficient rainfall Nandina’s should be watered to keep the surrounding soil and roots moist.

We currently have varieties such as Gulf Stream, Obsessed and Twilight in stock. Prices vary from as little as £7.00 to £16.99 depending on shrub size and variety.

For more information call or visit us in store or pop over to the RHS website RHS – Inspiring everyone to grow / RHS Gardening

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